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A Favorite Refreshment

A Glorious New Beginning

A Secluded Abode

After Glow Of Spring Showers

Ageless Monarch

Aglow At Sunrise

Ambiance Of Autumn

American Impressions

Amid Tranquility Of The Morning


Apples And Pears

Artist Of Texas Book

Autumn Memories

Autumn Respite

Autumn's Way Plate

Autumn's Way

Autumns Gold

Awaiting Battle

Bayou Country 1 Of 4

Benevolent Provider

Big Tree (new York Graphics)

Big Tree

Blacksmith Shop

Blooms Amid Thorns

Blue Springtime

Blush Of A Country Morning

Bon Appetit

Boquillas Afternoon

Breath Of Times Past

Broken Promises

Candlelight Reflections

Canyon Gold

Canyon Refuge

Celebration Of The Woodlands

Celestial Glory

Classic Elegance

Coach To El Paso

Companions In Nature

Contentment Price xxx

Country Hues

Country Morn

Courtin By Moonlight

Cozy Mountain Retreat

Custom Of Generations

Cypress Mist

Dawn's Serenity


Deer Stamp Print

Delightfull Retreat

Early Texans

Embraced By Moonlight

Enchanting Domain

Enchanting View Of The Night

Enduring Refuge

Enlightened Pathway

Equine Paradise

Evening Quiescence

Evening Radiance

Everlasting Sanctuary

Familiar Earthly Task

First Light On A Wintery Day

Fleeting Splendor

Flourish Of Natures Hues

Foraging On A Winters Evening

Free Spirited Virtuoso

From Sea To Sea 1 Of 4

Frosty Homecoming

Fruits Of The Vine

Gallery Americana

Gift Of Love

Gladsome Solitude

Glimpse Of Upland Grandeur

Glow Of Love

Goin Courtin

Harmony In The Highlands

Harmony Of Nature

Heartfelt Memories

Her Resting Place

Hidden Cove

Hill Country Florescence

Hill Country

Hilltop Gardens

Home At Last

In Seasonal Attire

In The Paths Of The Masters

In The Tranquil Morning Air

Innocence Of Spring

Iris Reflections

Italia 2000

Jaunt Across The Divide

Joyful Tranquility

Joyous Evensong Plate

Joyous Evensong

Lakeside Hideaway

Last Stand

Lavaca County Courthouse with Seal

Lavaca County Courthouse

Lazy Day In The Meadow

LBJ Library

Lemons And Strawberries

Love's Reflections

Majestic Highlands

Majestic Spires of The Ages

Making Of A Memory

Melodic Cascades

Melody Of The Maroon Bells

Memorable Springtide

Miniature Set Of Three

Mission Espiritu Santo

Misty Country Morn

Moment Of Memories


Moonlight Mystique


Moonlit Cove

Morning Delight Evening Treat

Morning Mist

Morning News

Mother Earth Father Sky

Mountains Majesty 1 of 4

Mountains Majesty Plate

Music Of The Highlands

Natures Garden

Natures Inner Glow

Natures Winter Blanket

Neptunes Lace

New Day Breaking

Night Long Sentinels

Night Time Repose

Night Watch

Nighttime Acquistions

Nocturnal Harmony


Old Freinds

Old Home Place

Old Time Townhouse

On Perpetua lWatch

One Serene Moonlit Night Plate

One Serene Moonlit Night

One Summer day

One Summer Night

Opal Escent Images


Our Desert's Bounty 1 of 4

Our Spectacular Suroundings

Parade Of Seasonal Hues

Pastoral Colors

Peace Be Into You

Peaches And Grapes

Pelican On Post wcs2003

Pelican On Post

Pelicans Wharf

Perfect For Deamers

Perfect Serenity

Perpetual Haven

Presidio LaBahia Santa Doratea, Large

Presidio LaBahia

Quiet Embrace Of The Season

Quiet Grandeur

Quiet Morning

Reflections Of The Night

Reflective Elegance

Refreshing Pause

Regal Repose


Riding Herd

Roaring Onward

Romantic Traditions

Roseate Shoreline

Routine Maintenance

Rural Ambience

Safe Passage

Sailing On The Breeze

Sand Dunes (New York Graphics)

Sand Dunes

Savor The Moment

Scented Country Air

Seaside Treasury

Season Of Renewal

Seasonable Return

Seasonal Awakening

Secluded Falls


Silent Pinnacles

Simple Elegance

Slumbering Homeplace

Slumberous Interlude

Snow Clad Relics

Snow Crowned Silence

Spanning The Stream Of Time

Splendid Solitude


Spring Time Flourish

Spring Velvet

Spring's Way

Springtime Trilogy

Still of The Night

Strolling With An Old Friend

Summer Breeze

Summer Of Innocence

Summer's Way


Sunday Outing

Surrounded By Old Friends

Symphony of The Wilderness

Taking A Break

Tea Time Reflections

Texas Oak, DuPont

Texas Spring

Texas Touring

Three For Lunch

Thundering Splendor

Time Of Memories

Timeless Sentinels

Timeworn Shelters

Tranquil Crossing

Tranquil Times

Tranquility Of Bibbiena


Treasured Old Timer

Treasured Retreat

Texas Finest

Utopian Midday

Vintage Reflections

Visions Of America

Visiting The Old Homestead

Warm Remembrances

Warmth Of Hearth And Home

Weekend Passion

West Texas Royalty


Windberg Note Cards

Windberg Oil Painting Technique

Windberg Technique of Oil Painting, 1984

Winter's Repose

Winter's Way

Winters Velvet Mantel

Wintry Pastoral

Woodland Reflections, amf

Woodland Reflections, wei

Yester Year